Disney Plus Announces a ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Reboot Starring Hillary Duff

90s kids should rejoice: Lizzie McGuire is coming back to Disney+ and Hillary Duff will be part of the cast! On Friday, Disney+ announced the revival and Hillary Duff gave fans a rundown on how Lizzie has grown since the show ended.

Duff said “Lizzie is older, wiser, and has a bigger shoe budget…and she is celebrating her 30th birthday”. While no release or production date was announced, the internet has show excitement for the shows revival

Here is a video of Duff talking about the reboot at the D23 Expos in Anaheim, California:


It is currently unclear if Duff will be joined by other Lizzie McGuire co-stars, but we sure hope she is! Duff is currently a cast member on the TV Land show, Younger. The Hollywood Reporter states the Duff will juggle both roles .