Dear Steaming Services, You should waive your fees while we are quarantined

Dear Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, HBO, etc, 

We, as a nation and as a global people, are facing uncertain circumstances. We turn to you for assistance in this time. Before I make my request known, I would like to say “thank you” for your years of faithful service. 

Now, I come to you with a simple request: Waive your fees while America (and the world) suffers from this massive Coronavirus outbreak. America is hurting right now and while I believe that we will recover from this eventually, it would be nice to know that the $5-15 a month we pay you each would not be taken out of our accounts. 

Should you do this, we (Americans), will forever love you and eternally hold you in high regard. 


A Concerned American. 


Okay, but in all honesty, these streaming services should really consider waiving their fees for a few months as America reels and recovers. It would be nice to to have small mercies in the form of lockdown entertainment. 


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