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Dear John

I warn you now, despite how it is being advertised, this is not the typical love story!

John (Channing Tatum) is a soldier at home on leave; Savannah (Amanda Seyfried) is a college girl at the beach on spring break. They begin a fairytale summer romance until the real world comes to interrupt them and put their love to the test.

The plot between the two lovers is very much in the style of Nicholas Sparks, the author who blessed us with ‘The Notebook’, but there is a much more complicated relationship that are explored in this film, John and his coin collecting, hermit-like father.

However, the makers have tried to market this as just a chick flick romance and that slightly ruins the whole film as it becomes so much more of a tearjerker than the audience is prepared for.

Yes, this film when straight into number one in the US – it actually knocked Avatar of the top spot after it’s never ending reign – but that was because audiences thought it was going to be the next ‘notebook’ and let’s be honest, the promise of Channing Tatum shirtless was always going to pull in a big crowd.

The real star in this movie turns out to be Richard Jenkins who plays Tatum’s father. He gives yet another strong performance in this movie and you are genuinely interested in how his character grows. He worked well with Tatum, who does a good job carrying a film that is full of flaws that were beyond his control. He is steadily convincing critics that he is more than just a nice piece of eye candy.

But I won’t lie; this movie was only good because he is hot. Amanda Seyfried does her best but the anime eyes and a sweet smile can only work for so long.

The best scene was their first kiss and that’s only because every girl in the room was focused on Tatum and wishing it was them.

Dear John is has too little romance to succeed as a great love story and too slow and chopping to be a real tearjerker. It just limps somewhere in the middle and I left the preview screening unsatisfied with how it ended and glad that I didn’t have to pay to watch it.

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