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Here are some cute Valentine’s Day ideas that won’t break the bank

Six Simple Valentine’s Day Ideas 

By Kelsey Ferrell

Valentines day is just a few days away. Do you have plans for that special someone? No? Well don’t fret; we’ve got some great suggestions for you!


Valentines day is not just a day for you to buy your lady/gentleman friends some flowers or a nice tie and call it a day. It is much more important to spend quality time together, rather than buying your feelings for someone. With that said, Here are a list of things that you could do on Valentines Day to spend quality time together!


  1. Romantic Picnic Date

You may think this is a “typical” date idea, but it’s a classic for a reason! Taking your loved one on a picnic, which you have prepared with love is always a grand slam! (Unless it’s raining, then you may want to forgo the outdoors and have a picnic in your living room). By packing up a hand made meal and setting out for as destination you are showing your partner that you have thought about them and took initiative to plan put a fun activity to share in.


2. Take a Drive

Get in your car, your partners car, or even your mom’s car and drive. Just drive. There’s no need to set a destination, just be sure to enjoy the journey. Crank up the tunes and enjoy the company of your partner next to you. You never know what you will find while your driving. Make stops at anything you think is interesting. The whole purpose of this date is to build spontaneous memories and adventure with your significant other. Which leads me to our next date idea…

  1. Mini-Vacation

Take a surprise mini-vacation! Put your partner in the car and pack them a bag. Don’t tell them the destination. Let it be a surprise. Maybe you will drive to the beach where you had your first date, or the mountains because you remembered something he/she said about always wanting to see the stars clearly at night. Wherever it is, be spontaneous and have fun together!


4.Spa Day

I know it may not seem like a typical date, but who doesn’t like to feel pampered?? Take your date to your local spa and get a massage or a facial together. There’s nothing like being pampered and relaxing with someone you care about right beside you. If the spa is a little too pricey for you, then go get your nails done! Don’t worry; you don’t have to get nail polish if you want to.


  1. Build a blanket fort

As simple as that sounds, building a fort can be a lot of work! If you are a competitive couple make it a competition to see who can make the biggest or most creative fort. Let your inner child out to play! After completing your fort turn your laptop on and watch your partners favorite movie, or eat dinner in your creation. Who wouldn’t like snuggling in a blanket fort made of love?


  1. Scavenger hunt

If you are feeling extra creative, plan a romantic scavenger hunt! Set up clues in all of your date’s favorite places, that lead to one super special location. Create thoughtful and cute clues that will help your date navigate through the trail you have created. We’re sure that if your date were to see you standing at the final clue location they couldn’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

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Whatever you end up doing this Valentines day make sure to let your special someone know how much you care about them and how much they mean to you. After all, it is the thought that counts, so let them know that you are thinking of them with whatever you do.


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Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay
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