Chris Jericho On The Possibility Of Working For IMPACT Wrestling Or Ring Of Honor

Chris Jericho has said for a long time that he wouldn’t go to a different wrestling company in North America as he felt like it would be disrespectful to Vince McMahon. However, he seems to have changed his mind when it comes to that idea. 

Jericho was the guest on James Ellsworth’s new podcast call “The Duhcast” in which he said that he’s open to working with either ROH or IMPACT Wrestling. 

“When someone says ‘Would you ever go to IMPACT? Would you ever go to Ring Of Honor? Would you ever go here there or wherever’ – yeah sure, why not? If its creatively satisfying, if it’s something that I can really sink my teeth into, something that I can really enjoy, then why wouldn’t I give it a try?”

Chris Jericho

Jericho is currently the IWPG Intercontinental Champion and only works for New Japan Pro Wrestling for their non-United States shows. Jericho goes on to talk about how he has done everything he needs to do in pro wrestling, now he’s just trying to do things that will help him be fulfilled creatively. 

“I’m not saying I would ever go there, but I’m not saying I wouldn’t,” said Jericho. “And I’m not saying I wouldn’t go to WWE or I wouldn’t go to New Japan or go wherever. To me, it’s all about helping to change the business in a lot of ways and if there’s a way to do it by being a little bit of a revolutionary then why not? Let’s go for it, man. This is show business, it’s entertainment, it’s the Wild West. There’s no rules and nobody says that you have to work in the WWE or you don’t have to work there.”

Chris Jericho

Would you like to see Y2J in IMPACT Wrestling? 

Commentary: Unless IMPACT Wrestling is going to begin bringing in bigger name wrestlers again (which there aren’t many on the free agency that would make a big difference for IMPACT), I don’t really why Jericho would want to go to IMPACT. IMPACT is doing some really good things and they are slowly recovering from their years of misfortunes, but they really don’t offer much to Jericho. 

Another argument is that Jericho could help land them back onto a bigger stage as far as television networks go, but I feel that Jericho would only help get them so far. I also feel that Jericho in IMPACT Wrestling would make him the massive fish in a mini-pond. It’d be like Lebron James going to play high school basketball after winning so many NBA Titles. Just doesn’t make sense. 

Jericho in Ring of Honor on the other hand would help boost ROH’s image. Jericho working with the likes of Cody, the Buck, Hangman Paige, etc. could really help elevate those guys while giving Jericho some good hands to work with. 

Either way, Jericho working for anyone other than Vince McMahon would make big headlines.