Carnival Offers Free Cruise In Exchange for Snapchat Handle

How would you like a free cruise just for giving up your Snapchat username?  Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but it did happen for one Virginia teen.

15-year-old Darian Lipscomb is a self-proclaimed Carnival cruise ‘superfan’.  He created a Snapchat account back when he was 9, so he could share his Carnival cruise experience with his friends and naturally the Snapchat handle he chose was ‘CarnivalCruise’.  Carnival Cruises decided they’d like to get their hands on that username and they came up with a pretty good plan of action to do so!

They started out posting signs in Darian’s hometown of Prospect, VA, asking if anyone knew Darian.  Then, when it was time to make an offer to Lipscomb, they arrived at his home in a giant truck with his name plastered on the side of it!

“I answered the door, walked outside and saw my name on a big truck. I was really surprised,” Darian said.

The cruiseline offered he and his family a 14-day cruise to Barcelona in exchange for his Snapchat username.  They’ll be the first passengers to sail away on the brand new Carnival Horizon ship!  The 2-week luxury cruise will make stops in Spain, Portugal and Nova Scotia before docking in NYC, and the trip is estimated to be worth approximately $5,000.  Darian obviously accepted the once in a lifetime experience in exchange for his Snapchat name, adding that he’ll now have to think up another username; maybe he’ll choose another company name!