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Bruce Mitchell Audio Show #1: AEW’s Blood and Guts, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Brian Pillman, and much more!


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Bruce Mitchell is back with special guest co-host, Britt Whitmire. 

On this week’s episode, Bruce discusses:

  • AEW’s Blood and Guts match
  • The history of War Games
  • AEW has begun to work toward their Double or Nothing event
  • Bruce and Britt discuss Cody’s 2021 thus far
  • Britt Baker becoming number 1 contender
  • Cameron Grimes on NXT 
  • Brian Pillman

For the first time ever, Bruce Mitchell’s Mailbag is 100% free! Email Bruce your questions at BruceMitchellAudio@gmail.com

Follow Britt Whitmire: @BrittWhitmire. His wrestling podcast can be found at KatieVick.com and his political podcast can be found at Bradandbritt.com. 

Bruce can be found on Twitter by going to @MitchellWrite. This podcast can be found @MitchellWrestle on Instagram and Twitter. Also, follow @MultiMediaMouth! 

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The Bruce Mitchell Audio Show is a MultiMediaMouth.com production. Bruce will also be writing columns for the website from time to time as well. Executive Producer, Ruben Jay, can be found @TheRubenJay on all Platforms. 


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