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Potential Broadcast Partners For Vince McMahon’s XFL

Vince McMahon is working hard on re-launching the XFL after almost 20 years of the football league not existing. According to PWInsider.com, McMahon is negotiations with two broadcast partners for the XFL.

ESPN is currently one of two possible homes for the XFL. The ESPN deal would allow the XFL to broadcast on some of ESPN’s many outlets but might also open the door for the XFL to broadcast on ABC.

FOX is also looking into signing the XFL to a broadcast deal. FOX is also the future home of McMahon’s WWE Smackdown Live so McMahon might be able to leverage his existing relationships over at FOX to help land him a great deal for the XFL.

Charlie Embersol, son of former XFL Co-Founder Dick Embersol, is starting his own football league called The Alliance of American Football, or the AAF and have a deal with CBS.

The NFL will also be on FOX Broadcasting. The XFL is scheduled to launch ion 2020.

WWE On Fox

According to the Hollywood Reporter (THR), WWE is close to closing a deal for Smackdown TV right with FOX. The deal is reportedly worth $1 Billion. Yes, Billion.

The report breaks down that FOX would be paying $205 Million a year starting in October 2019 for 5 years. Smackdown would move back to Friday Nights.

If this report is true, WWE would be seeing a significant increase in their TV earnings between both shows. RAW is staying on the NBCU owned USA Network and will be getting 3x the TV rights revenue (which will bring them around the same amount of money as Smackdown). (Read More)

WWE Fox, Smackdown LIVE

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