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BREAKING: Microsoft just bought Bethesda!

As of writing this Microsoft just announced the acquisition of Bethesda studios this would include properties such as: Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom, and so many more games. This means that all of the development teams under Bethesda are now also under Microsoft.  This also gives so much more weight to the Game Pass because this would mean all new titles coming from Bethesda will now also be free for Game Pass users.  They purchased the studio for $7.5 Billion yes billion. Which I must say means Microsoft is not messing around anymore.

So while we may not see any differences in the Game Pass library immediately we can speculate that this means the next big Bethesda games  could be now consider first party exclusives. However, Xbox head Phil Spencer did state that games would release on other consoles  on a “Case-by-Case basis.” So I am unsure how much all of this will change for PlayStation users at the moment but it looks like if you are a Elder Scrolls fan you might want to think about getting a Series X for when Elder Scrolls 6 ships out in a few years.

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