Belly button piercings – sexy or a silly trend?

Ever since I was 14 years old, I’ve wanted to get my belly button pierced. Not just because celebrities and everyone else had them, but because I don’t like my stomach that much and wanted something to make it look more feminine. Weird I know.

But I have very strict African parents who would have happily ripped it out if they ever found out. It doesn’t help that my mum is a nurse who has to deal with the people who don’t take care of their piercings and then run to her with infections and all sorts of horror stories.

That then got me thinking, what if I did get some horrible infection that messed me up forever? Maybe it was best that I gave up this silly dream and keep my belly button away from any needles. But despite my best efforts, I found myself still wanting to get it done

So I told myself that I would get it when I got to university. In my second term as a first year to be precise, because after spending all that time at home for Christmas I would be in no rush to go back and so my piercing could heal nicely by Easter.

But Easter has come and gone and my belly button is yet to be pierced. I admit that it is partly due to the fact that my parents would probably make my life hell if they ever found out but it is also because once again I have started to question whether I really want to get it done anymore. I’m not worried about the risk of infections anymore. I’m worried about the views of society.

It seems to me that getting your belly button pierced has become a thing that little teenage girls do, not mature young women. That could be a problem because surely I need to grow up and put all things teenage behind me.

So is belly button piercing becoming a teenage fad, with tweens getting it done because Miley Cyrus has one? Or are belly button piercings still nice regardless of what age you get it done.

Summer is fast approaching and I have a feeling I will finally give in to temptation, if i figure out how to hide it from my parents. Or will seeing so many other girls with thier piercings just put me off joining such a popular trend.

All I know is that I’m going get mine done someday, even if I end up taking it out an hour later. It is just something I have to do; I just hope it’ll still be socially acceptable when I eventually go through with it.

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