AroLucha News & Notes: Video Highlights From Live Events, June Show Planned

AroLucha has released a series of videos filmed from a live event showcasing highlight of matches. You can check out James Storm vs. MVP vs. Low Ki above or click here to check out their Youtube Channel for the rest of the videos.

In related news, is reporting that AroLucha is set to have another set of TV Tapings in June. reached out to AroLucha and was informed that the event that PWInsider is talking about is not a TV taping but a house show taking place in Nashville.

In my interview with AroLucha CEO Jason Brown, Brown made it clear that the next move for the company would not be a full-blown TV taping but instead a house show or two. Brown also stated that AroLucha plans to have a set of tapings toward the 3rd and 4th quarter.

Tickets will be $25. We will update you on where you can purchase tickets when the information is available.

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