Apple’s iPhones may no longer come with free earbuds

Apple may no longer provide iPhone owners with a new pair of wired earbuds with a purchase of a new phone. Since 2007, Apple has always included a set of earbuds with a new iPhone.

A few years back, Apple redesigned their phone to no longer include the tradition 3.3.5mm headphone jack and redesigned their earbuds to have a lightening connector.

The move to discontinue earbuds from new iPhone purchases is to push consumers to purchase Apple Airpods, their wireless earbuds. Apple also owns Beats by Dre, a line of top-tier bluetooth headphones and earbuds.

Apple could also be wanting to see sales of their $9 adapters to turn traditional 3.5mm earbuds into lightening cable. Apple is currently set to release 4 new iPhones this year.

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