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Apple TV Plus launches. Here are my thoughts on ‘The Morning Show’ starring Jennifer Aniston & Steve Carrell

Apple has launched their streaming service, Apple TV+. I signed up for a free year for buying the new iPhone 11 Pro and immediately when to watched Steve Carrell and Jennifer Aniston’s The Morning Show.

I only watched episode one so far, and WOW this is an incredible show so far. Everything from the filming and editing to the acting itself: one incredible show.

The premise of the show seems to be inspired from the Matt Lauer firing over at NBC’s Today. Carrell plays the character loosely based on Lauer named Mitch Kessler. Aniston plays the role loosely based off Savannah Guthrie named Alex Levy.

The show begins with the executive producer, Chip Black (played by Mark Duplass), getting the results of an investigation into the allegations of misconduct by Kessler. The first episode sets a few story into motion.

The story of an aging news anchor holding the ship after her long time partner is ousted from the seat next to her. That same anchor is possibly going to be replaced as well for some new blood. The story of a man who believes he’s been falsely accused of misconduct fighting for his life. And the young hot reporter looking to take the place of the aging anchor.

The Morning Show is setting the bar high for Apple TV+ subscribers. If all their originals are this good, Apple will have no problem growing their base.

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