Apple – Leave Samsung Alone!

Not really. But it feels like Apple is being a bit of a bully in this one. After winning $1 billion in last months lawsuit against Samsung, Apple is reportedly going for anot $700 million in even more damages plus seeking a ban on Samsung products that violated said patens.

Here is my take on it: Apple, leave Samsung alone. I know you feel like you got screwed because they stole your rounded corners and similar icons, but really, you have $100 billion in cash. I think you are better off. It really feels like high school between these two. The bully (Apple) keeps picking on the loser (Samsung) because they know they will win the fight no matter what.

We get it, Apple, you love feeling powerful. But seriously, don’t take your anger out on Samsung that the Android market is growing because you are deciding to evolve way to slow. And even then, Android get better because it’s constently being updated for each new model that carries the Android OS. iPhone gets updated once a year for a new iPhone model – Again, iWonder why iOS is slow at developing.

Focus on the iPhone 5. Not these stupid playground fighting.

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