All Elite Wrestling May Get Another Show

All Elite Wrestling is getting ready to launch their weekly 2 hour show called All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite. AEW debuts on TNT on October 2 and they are already in talks for a companion show to air somewhere in the WarnerMedia portfolio.

According to a report out at, AEW and WarnerMedia are in talks to air a possible studio show.

“We are talking about it,” Weitz said when we specifically asked if there could be “a possible studio show as a companion [series]” for “Dynamite.” “I don’t know if you’ve met Tony Khan, but he’s not short of ideas — or passion,” he continued. “So there is a world where we’re thinking about ‘Where does something like that live?’ Knowing full well that within the WarnerMedia ecosystem we have B/R Live, we’ve got all these different components at our disposal.”

The fun note about a possible AEW Studio show is this: WWE Has announced and began auditions for a Fox Sports studio show. Could the AEW/WWE war go beyond Wednesday night?

Cody Rhodes, one of the founder fathers of AEW and wrestler, has come out to comment on the possibility of a 3rd hour of AEW programming:

“It may not happen on October 2, which is what we’re all kind of gunning towards, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was something that [launched] shortly thereafter,” Weitz said of the potential companion series. “We’re thinking about it for sure.”

What are your thoughts on AEW possibly expanding programming beyond their current 2 hours commitment?