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7 Reasons Why Waiting for “Hello” Was Worth It

As all internet users are aware, Adele’s new single “Hello” was released just last week. Since the song’s release, it’s music video has reached over 100 million views on YouTube. The video has been shared all over the internet, and it has become the talk of many. Adele’s fans have been waiting for four years for new music, and it has finally come. Here are seven reasons why waiting for “Hello” was well worth it.

7) The Music Video

The music video for “Hello” is beautiful. It perfectly depicts the emotion that Adele was trying to convey in the song. It starts with the filter on the video footage: a dark, sepia color. The filter on this video sets the whole tone, it puts the viewer in a calm and vulnerable state. Secondly, the facial expressions of both characters in the video take you on a rollercoaster ride. From the beginning, Adele looks melancholy. It is clear that Adele regrets actions that were taken during this long-gone relationship. Her male counterpart, played by Tristan Wilds, is first seen laughing and happy. Eventually, fighting is depicted. The emotion in the characters’ faces, along with the lyrics, begins to really “hit home” with the viewer, and causes an overflow of emotion.

6) The Emotion is Raw

From the very beginning of the music video, Adele lets you into her personal experiences and emotions. Her voice showcases her desperation for forgiveness and true sadness over a hard part of her life. Then, you are forced to watch the whirlwind of emotion that is the music video. The two characters act in a way that make the viewer feel like they are the ones experiencing the emotions. As mentioned before, their facial expressions accurately represent what one would feel in a relationship like this.

5) We All Can Relate

This song depicts a situation that most people have or will experience. It is a song of heartbreak. All of us experience relationships ending, whether it be between a romantic partner or a best friend. We all experience endings and they are hard. The feelings of losing someone are some of the worst feelings we have. This song will make you think of all of those great times you’ve had with someone special, but also of the time you had losing that same person.

4) Adele’s Voice

As usual, Adele’s voice is amazing. The strength and weakness that she can display in just one word and in her pitches sets the tone for the whole song. From the beginning, listeners can tell that the song is going to be a sad song. Adele definitely does not disappoint with her, as always, amazing and beautiful voice.

5) The Length of The Song

There is not much to say about this beside: when a song as great as this has a length as long as it does, it is definitely worth waiting for.

3) It Means a Whole New Album

One single dropping, means that a whole album is soon to come. Hopefully, this song is a representation of the songs that are going to be released shortly on Adele’s new album entitled “25”. If the songs are anything like “Hello” the album is sure to become very popular and have many sales. If we can wait for this song, we can definitely wait for a whole album to be released.

2) It’s Different Than the Modern Music Video

In a world where many, many people have iPhones, it is nice to see that not all artists have to have fancy, smartphones in their videos. Throughout the whole video the classic flip phone is used. This reflects on the simplicity of the song and takes away from the materialistic lives that many of us live today.

1) The Spoofs

There are so many that the spoofs just had to be addressed. Though these may not have been expected, they were definitely a perk of the new song being released. One of the best ones yet is Ellen Degeneres’s spoof. It includes references to a few other well-known songs as well. The spoofs are definitely a great payoff for the long wait for Adele’s new music.

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