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5 Reasons why the Suits Midseason Finale was predicable and perfect

USA’s hit show SUITS has been 5 seasons of essentially who is going to find out Mike’s secret, will Harvey get taken out, and who is coming after Jessica next. The last two were the main theme in season 5 however Mike’s secret didn’t become a thing in the 5th season until the halfway mark. It seemed like we might go an entire season where we don’t have to ponder about Mike’s secret.

Spoiler alert: the season 5 midseason finale ended with Jessica remaining in power, Mike and Harvey both quitting, and the final scene is Mike Ross is going to jail. I can not guess that the second half of season 5 will either be the last episode in the summer seasons was just a dream or Mike’s charges are unrelated to his secret.

Anyway, here are 5 reasons why Suits midseason finale was predictable and perfect, all at the same time.



  1. Predictable that Mike would be arrested because it makes sense. Mike had spent so much time pondering what might happen one day that the only logical closure of his dilemma is either resign and be arrested, or he stays and eventually gets arrested. This is predictable because lets face it, you usually decide to straighten out your life and then get caught doing something wrong shortly there after.
  2. Harvey will always do what’s best for the firm. And since he recently gave up a percentage of his compensation, it was pretty much clear that he would do anything for Pearson Spector Litt. Now the question is, with Mike’s arrest, will Harvey stay at his firm and defend Mike or be arrested as well.
  3. The bad guys never win. At least not at the midseason finale. You usually want to leave the viewers with a happy sense or a sense of shock (like Mike being arrested). Hardman and Soloff were playing the dirtiest of games. Even Luis didn’t side with them, and we all know that Luis will side with anyone just to spite Harvey.
  4. The Litt factor. We all knew that Luis would back Jessica. After all Harvey and Luis went during this season, the two became closer than brothers. Plus, Jessica gave it away with her line that “Pearson will always consider Litt her partner”. That’s all Luis ever wanted.
  5. It was perfect because it was predictable.  How much more can you go with Mike getting away with his secret? Let’s be real people. This show just go a whole lot more interesting now that Mike’s future officially hangs in the balance.


At the end of the day, season 5 has another 6-10 episodes left, plus the show has been renewed for a 6th season. This is just the beginning of the crap rolling down the hill. We can have an entire season and a half dedicated to Mike trying to avoid jail time, Jessica trying to avoid being taken down with the whole mess and harvey trying to keep it all together.

Until next time Suitors..


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Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay
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