One of the 00 kids biggest questions finally answered: What did Zoey say to Chase in Zoey 101?

Zoey 101 was one of my all time favorite shows on Nick. I don’t know why and don’t question me. It was probably because Zoey was cute and all her friends where gorgeous and I was practically Chase (her male best friend who had a massive crush on her).

Well, in an episode that aired 10 years ago, Zoey (played by Jaimie Lynn Spears) put a dvd talking about her friends in a time capsule and then told Chase he’d find out in 10 years. WELL ITS BEEN 10 YEARS AND WE FINALLY GET TO FIND OUT!

Now, this video raises more questions than it answers – will there be a Zoey 101 reunion special? Or maybe just more videos like this? Whats going to happen next!?! And whats with Chase’s obsession with girls that look like Zoey?

Anyway, here’s the video!