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With just over two years since Sting had his one and only match at WrestleMania, many fans have been unhappy about Triple H winning the match. In October 2015, we brought Sting to the UK and in Glasgow we asked him about the match and how he felt about it.

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Former WWE Superstar and multi-time Diva’s World Champion, AJ Mendez-Brooks (Formerly AJ Styles) spoke with Chuch Carroll on CBS. One of the many topics they discussed besides her new book Crazy is my Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the rules.

She was asked about returning to the ring:

Wrestling’s old adage: never say never. I’m sure you are asked this all the time so let me be the one millionth and one person to ask you this. Will we ever see AJ Lee back in a wrestling ring?

I never would say that because I’ve personally said never to things before and done them. But I am so happy where I am right now and I feel like I had such a pitch perfect career that I would be nervous about tarnishing that. I feel like it’s kind of full-circle and perfect for exactly what I wanted. But who knows?

Watch AJ Lee win the WWE Divas Championship for the third time

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Jim Ross returned to WWE last night to call the Undertaker’s potential last match. Ross, who lost his wife a few weeks ago seems to be working harder now than ever before.

With Ross at WWE’s flagship event of the year, WrestleMania, I reached out to AXS TV to ask about Ross’ future with it’s New Japan Pro Wrestling TV show. Their representative told me the following;

Jim Ross is still calling our NJPW show, so no changes on our end.

Breaking: Jim Ross signs two year deal with WWE.

Jim Ross announced that he is signed to WWE for two years.

“It has a specific number of dates that I’m obligated to work, which I think is good for me,” Ross said. “So look at it this way: I got my jersey back. I got brought back to my home team, and my opportunities back in WWE, I’m sure, will be multi-fold.

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The Shoot is a new wrestling-related blog post “shooting” on the world of pro wrestling. Ruben Jay has been following wrestling for 15 + years. Here’s to Shooting. 

The WWE 2017 Hall of Fame took place on March 30, 2017 and it was a huge hit. We were able to some of our favorite characters of the last 25 years on one stage. One of the biggest things that I took away from the night was how amazing and happy Kurt Angle seemed. He has a bit of awkwardness with him like he doesn’t really now how to take everything that’s happening to him right now. But he is in a good place. I truly believe that here is a place for Kurt Angle in WWE today. I would love to see him do a few matches in 2017 and maybe retire at WrestleMania 34 next year.

It was amazing seeing Kurt live some of his most memorable moments in front of a lively crowd. You can tell he missed seeing a packed house.

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Corey Graves and Kurt Angle did an interview a few weeks back. Now the WWE Network is bringing it to the platform this Friday. Make sure you tune in if you are a Kurt Angle fan. Angle gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this weekend as well.

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WWE sent the following press release:

Eric Bischoff to induct Diamond Dallas Page into the WWE Hall of Fame

Former Raw General Manager and WCW figurehead Eric Bischoff will induct his close friend, Diamond Dallas Page, into the WWE Hall of Fame on Friday, March 31, live on WWE Network.

“I’m honored,” Bischoff told WWE.com in an exclusive interview. “It puts a smile on my face because I know how much it means to him. This is the Holy Grail for him.”

Page and Bischoff’s relationship dates to the late ‘80s, when the two started out as part of WWE Hall of Famer Verne Gagne’s AWA – Bischoff as an announcer and DDP as the outlandish manager of Badd Company. The two eventually headed toward WCW, where Bischoff had an up-close view of DDP’s ascent from wrestling obscurity to superstardom as a champion of the people in WCW’s fight against the nWo.

“So many [wrestlers] are larger than life,” Bischoff said. “They look like they walked right off a movie screen and stepped into the arena. Diamond Dallas Page didn’t have that larger-than-life persona, but he had a different connection with the audience.”

“When [Page] finally hit pay dirt is when he finally shed all the over-the top-stuff,” he continued. “The bling and girls and cigars … [He] just became a real person, coming down from the crowd. That said, ‘I’m one of you.’“

As Bischoff quickly learned, the persona Page projected in the ring worked because it was real.

“His journey [in life] is similar to his journey in the ring,” he said. “DDP was the common guy, the everyman, a blue-collar guy from New Jersey. He represented something that the average person could believe in, in a way that was a little unique. [People thought] ‘That could be me. If I could just get that break, work a little harder, I could be that guy.’ That’s a very inspirational quality to have.”

Bischoff is incredibly excited to present DDP to the WWE Universe as a member of the Hall’s Class of 2017, though he admits a few nerves are bubbling up.

“It’s a little overwhelming, in some respects,” he said. “But I’ll save the reasons why for the ceremony itself, because they’re very personal and poignant.”

What will the always-controversial Eric Bischoff have to say? Find out when he inducts Diamond Dallas Page into the WWE Hall of Fame during the 2017 Induction Ceremony, live on WWE Network Friday, March 31 at 8 ET/5 PT.

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USA Network, the exclusive cable home to WWE’s marquee properties, is providing expanded access to 2017’s WRESTLEMANIA, WWE’s biggest event of the year. On Sunday, April 2 at 6/5c, USA will feature a live, one-hour broadcast of the second hour of the official WRESTLEMANIA KICKOFF SHOW. Additionally, fans can tune in to the WWE HALL OF FAME INDUCTION CEREMONY special following MONDAY NIGHT RAW on Monday, April 3 at 11/10c.


The WRESTLEMANIA KICKOFF SHOW will include predictions and commentary for the night’s action by hosts Renee Young and WWE Hall of Famers Booker T, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Shawn Michaels.


The one-hour 2017 WWE HALL OF FAME INDUCTION CEREMONY special features WWE Legends including Kurt Angle, Diamond Dallas Page, Teddy Long, Beth Phoenix, Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and Rick Rude, all of whom will be immortalized for their accomplishments and contributions to WWE in this year’s Hall of Fame class.


WRESTLEMANIA 33 takes place live from the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL on Sunday, April 2 at 7/6c on WWE Network.

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