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The Walking Dead episode  “Try” 3/22/15



“I tried. I watched him die.”~ Glenn, referring to Noah

Last week was an insane episode… this week we see the fallout from the lives lost.


Sasha isn’t sleeping, spending all her time in the tower picking off walkers. When she went into the forest to hunt them down, Michonne tries to calm her down, but Sasha has snapped.


Glenn fires back at Nicholas, who lies to the cameras about what happened to Deanna’s son. Glenn knows he could have left Nicholas behind but chose not to. But he lets Nicholas know that he won’t tolerate Nicholas going on the outside again, which would put people in danger.


Carl and Enid run around outside the walls, lamenting the fact that they can’t be kids in this new world. They find themselves trapped by walkers in tight quarters, and a budding teen romance seems to be on the way.


Darryl and Aaron are unsuccessfully trying to figure out the “W” killer. This time they not only found dismembered bodies, but found a disemboweled woman tied to tree. Hmmmm….


The knowledge of Jesse’s abuse has pushed Rick to the edge. He tells Deanna, who asks him to stay out of it because as a surgeon, Pete is too valuable to the group. He confronts Jesse who asks him to butt out. But Rick and Pete end up duking it out. As the town gathers to break up the fight, Rick pulls a gun on the group telling them they are crazy if they think they are safe. Michonne clocks him, and he’s unconscious.


Will our gang survive their stay in Alexandria? Next week is the season finale! And since no character died this episode… uh oh.

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The Walking Dead episode  “The Distance” 2/22/15




“What would it take to convince you this is for real?”~ Aaron

To trust, or not to trust. Our group has tried it both ways and let’s face it, a little stranger danger is appropriate in this new world.


Maggie and Sasha bring Aaron back to the barn, where he tries very hard to convince the group there is a safe place for them… if they can pass what he calls “the audition”.


Michonne is ready to settle down, let’s give this guy a chance. Rick says no way. Repeat this sentence through most of the episode.


They tie up Aaron, and check out his story (how many of you thought Glenn was going to end up as biter food when they were fighting in the dark? I did!) Lo and behold, he seems to be telling the truth. They meet up with Aaron’s boyfriend, who has broken his ankle, and they soldier on to Aaron’s community, Alexandria.


And how about that sweet nod to Dale, when Glenn is asked how he would know there were extra batteries in the RV? Just the look on his face was great.


They stop outside the gate… will these next steps mean relief or zombie riots for our friendly survivors?


And… who knew? A gun fits in a blender…

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The Walking Dead episode  “What Happened and What’s Going On” 2/8/15




“It’s better now.”~ Mika, with sister Lizzie


I would like to officially re-name this episode, “You Can’t Go Home Again.”


We see flashes of a home, family photos and a grave being dug. Our group is discussing Beth, and how she wanted to go to Richmond Virginia, where Noah said there was a safe, walled neighborhood where they could all go.


They travel the 500 miles only to find… everyone dead inside. Noah is distraught. While collecting supplies, Rick and Glenn debated whether it mattered that Dawn was killed back at the hospital during the deadly Beth exchange, and Michonne let the guys know they will need to settle down somewhere.


Tyrese tried to comfort Noah, who decided to check in on his home, where his mom and twin brothers lived. Tyrese finds among the boys’ trophies mom dead in the living room, and another family member in the bedroom. Transfixed by happy family photos, one of the twins gets a bite out of Tyrese.

Look! It’s Mika and Lizzie telling Tyrese it’s better now. The terminiun who told Tyrese that he was just too nice to live long. Beth! Singing a song. Bob! Whose philosophy was, “that’s just the way it’s going to be.” And Oh, the Governor! (I actually yelped when I saw him.) He told Tyrese that he had a debt to pay. In the middle of all this dreamlike review…. WHACK! Michonne’s katana takes off Tyrese’s arm to try and save him.


Our friends get Tyrese to the car, and try to re-group to get him some help but, it’s too late. Tyrese was presumably de-zombiefied and buried by the side of the road.


Our rag-tag group is now off to D.C. with one less compassionate soul. Have they all hardened beyond repair? Is anything or anyplace safe anymore? Could they welcome anyone new into the group? More adventures in the coming weeks!


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Walk with Me

Walking Dead “Crossed” 11/23/14


“Three is better than two.” ~ Darryl

Our friends in the church are dividing things up… the weapons for everyone to use, the inside of the church itself to use as protection, and the people, as the group of Rick, Darryl, Noah, Sasha and Tyrese drive out to the hospital to rescue Carol and Beth.

Carl insists that the priest choose a weapon, he chooses a machete then says he doesn’t feel well and retreats to his office. He uses the machete as a tool, takes pieces out of the floor, and leaves through a crawlspace under the church. Unarmed, he encounters a walker, but resists killing her when he sees a cross around her neck.

The road warriors at the fire truck have run out of water, Abraham is in a trance since finding out Eugene is not a doctor out to save the world. Eugene apparently survived the beat-down, and though he is still on the ground, Maggie covers him with shade. Glen, Rosita and Tara go to the lake to find water, and find fish and a yoyo instead (would anyone really want to eat that fish?)

Back at the hospital, Beth overhears discussion about pulling the plug on Carol. Beth argues that those rescued should be given a chance, Dawn gives her keys to the drug cabinet and says “goodluck”. Beth asks the doctor what drugs he would use, she administers those, holds Carol’s hand and lets her know that she is near.

Our rescuers (?) arrive at the hospital. Cops inside are called to respond to shots heard outside. They find Noah, and while binding him up, Rick-Darryl-Tyrese and Sasha ambush the cops. Another cross car pulls up shooting at our friends. Darryl gets in an awesome fight with the driving cop, and uses the head of a melted walker to bop him on the head. The cop captives get some sympathy from the group. While others are storming the hospital, deputy Bob distracts Sasha and head buts her into a window.

A lack of water, scary food, and a hospital that does anything to keep their census down. Can our friends cure what ails them by the season ender next week? Join me then!

Amy Donley has no body but you, her fans, who keep her slow typing these recaps every week. Make your Thanksgiving weekend complete by buying or downloading her award-winning movie “SHELLTER” from amazon.com. More information about the film can be found at www.shelltermovie.com. Then find Amy on facebook and make her your friend!

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WARNING! This recap/review contains spoilers.

“Who are we?” ~ Carl

Disturbing: we open on a shot of Rick bloodied and slumped by the side of the road.


Wow we’re on edge tonight, which is why they then transition to…

OK nothing cheers you up more than a good Hershel flashback, right? And

throughout the show back at the prison, Hershel talks to Rick about teaching things

like farming for the next generation (Carl.) And being an example to him.

Flash forward, Rick explains to Carl how to set a trap. Michonne: “I wonder if

terminus is legit.” Rick: “We let people in.” Michonne: “So did the Governor.” (And

we’re already a little suspect of Terminus already, right?)

And then Rick, Michonne and Carl find themselves trapped by Joe and his group

who have recognized Rick as the person who killed their friend Lew. Darryl asks

that they be spared, Joe’s guys start beating up Darryl. Carl is pulled from the car

by another baddie. Rick BITES Joe’s throat, and all the other henchmen are shot or

stabbed, except for the guy holding Carl who is stabbed over, and over, and over by


Back to that first show-shot of a bloody Rick, WHERE IS EVERYBODY? Oh, ok, Carl

and Michonne are in the car and Darryl is back from a run. Rick calls Darryl “my


The group finds another Terminus sign, and decides to approach from the woods

because “we don’t know who they are.” Rick buries extra weapons, “just in case.”

The group jumps the fence and finds a strangely small number of people in a

warehouse, with one woman reading the radio Terminus message over and over.

Gareth and Alex have them set down their weapons, they are searched, then given

back their weapons, (huh?) Mary greets them with her famous “let me give you

something to eat” line. (Please refer to last’s week’s Soylent Green reference.)

Rick quickly turns on Alex, grabs Hershel’s watch from his pants and asks “where

did you get this?” He explains he got it off a dead guy (which would mean Glenn

is dead, because Hershel gave the watch to Glenn.) And the armor and clothes

recognized as belonging to people from their group were given other explanations.

Our group makes a run for it, as snipers (purposefully?) MISS shooting them, over

and over. Confronted by armed men at the fences they put down their weapons ad

are instructed to enter a train car that seems empty. But one by one our group of

eight led by Glenn and Maggie come out of the shadows.

Rick assesses the situation and says “They’re going to feel pretty stupid… when they

find out they’re screwing with the wrong people.” (Awesome!)

So, Terminus is clearly not the end of the line. And who is still out? Carol, Tyrese,

baby Judith and Beth. All our other friends (and new friends (?) are trapped in a

train car by a mysterious band of… what? What is Terminus and who are these

people? What do they want from our friends?

Ah gee really? We’ve got to wait until the fall for the next episodes? OK, on to Mad

Men! OK just kidding, how about I meet you next for Game of Thrones!

Amy Donley is empty inside, since you haven’t seen her in her award-winning movie

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WARNING! This recap/review contains spoilers.

Just look at the flowers Lizzie…

Oh, sorry, wrong episode. But that was a great one, right? And I’m writing this before tonight’s episode… I think there is more bad to come in these last two episodes of the season. Here we go…

“Glenn-Go to Terminus”~ bloody sign from Maggie Glenn, Tara, Dr. Eugene, Abraham and Rosita make their way along the train tracks and see the sign with the above message, and as you can imagine, Glenn wants to make time to get to his love. Glenn and Tara split from the group when they decide to go through a creepy walker-filled tunnel. Dr. Eugene (and the mullet) isn’t comfortable with this idea… and after bumming a car, he navigates the group to where he estimates Glenn and Tara might be.

Carl and Michonne play on the tracks while Rick leads the way… this is way too happy a scene to think they will all make it to Terminus.

Darryl meanwhile chafes against the “Rules of the Road” as proclaimed by the group leader Joe. Darryl and Len get into it over a rabbit they both shot. Later, Joe catches Len framing Darryl for stealing the rabbit. Joe has the rest of the group “take care” of a lying Len. Darryl considers the consequences of the rules… Joe says Terminus is a lie but that they are chasing down those who killed a group member earlier in what they thought was a safe house. Uh yep, that was Rick.

So you knew train tunnel travel was a bad idea, right? Glenn and Tara find ½ buried walkers among a collapsed ceiling… and on the other side of the rocks more walkers! Tara gets her leg caught in the rocks, Glenn says he won’t leave her, walkers approach and then suddenly it’s… MAGGIE! OK, and Dr. Eugene, etc. But MAGGIE!

The 8-person strong group now approaches Terminus. Plants growing in the yard (like at the prison), signs of community but no life until they find a large barbeque and a woman who introduces herself as Mary. She says they look like they’ve come a long way, and that she’ll make a plate up for them.

Okay, my initial reaction was “Soylent Green is people!” (Look it up kids.) Something creepy is going on behind that calm façade of Terminus. And it looks like next week’s episode (the final for the season,) may find all our unhappy travelers finding themselves together for a happy reunion. Just kidding, people will die.

Amy Donley plays dead better than anyone in her award-winning movie “SHELLTER” (download a copy at amazon.com). But she comes alive when writing this blog, and hopes you will friend her on facebook!

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