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The Voice season 12 just announced the top 12 contestants after a hard fought battle on Monday and Tuesday. But who were the best of the best this season? We take the the best of the best make a top 5 list in this week’s “Best of the Voice”.

The Best of the Voice: Top 12 LIVE!
#5 – Lauren Duski “Someone Else’s Star”

Lauren is showing that she is listening to her coach. This is a song chosen by Blake Shelton. Duski has done this for a while and trusting Blake `100% on choosing her songs is huge.

#4- Chris Blue “Love On The Brain”

Chris Blue took an extremely popular song by Rhianna and made it his own. He showcased a solid falsetto and made this hit sound like it was written for him. Chris also showed that he might be a dark horse contestant that is going to fight hard to win The Voice.

#3- Vanessa Ferguson “Lean On”

Vanessa Ferguson is one of the contestants to keep an eye on. She’s extremely talented and she showcased that she can take on a challenge. “Lean On” was one of the anthems of 2016 CHR radio and she killed it.

#2 – Aliyah Moulden “Mercy”

15-year-old Aliyah Moulden took this iconic song by Duffy and made it youthful and fun. Moulden really made it clear that she’s here to win the entire competition. Moulden also made it clear that she wants to be a big name in the music business and if she is used properly, she can be a breakout star the show has lacked from day one.

#1 – Stephanie Rice “Every Breath You Take

Stephanie Rice is one of the more inspirational performers on this season. She’s got an amazing story and she has some killer talent behind it. She took this popular Police song and made it original. Rice shows that she has the chops to sing a song incredibly well and can write her own music.

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Tonight was the start of the second week of Battle rounds and I can truthfully say that this season’s contestants are all absolutely amazing. If you don’t believe me… take a look for yourself…

Josh Hoyer vs. TSoul: “In the Midnight Hour”

Both great singers with amazing stage presence. TSoul shows a more natural stage presence than Josh does, however Josh is truly just happy to be there and be doing what he loves.

Coach Blake decides to keep TSoul on his team, unfortunately sending Josh home.

Caroline Sky vs. Stephanie Rice: “The First Cut Is the Deepest”  

Caroline opens up the song and it is just sung beautifully, and Stephanie follows after, and with her raspy voice it actually matches almost perfectly with this song.

Coach Gwen makes the decision to keep… Stephanie!

But worry not Caroline fans… Caroline is saved by Blake!!

Kawan DeBose vs. Malik Davage: “Love Me Now”  

Currently my favorite song right now, so as soon as they started singing I was amazed. Their vocals fit so perfectly for this son. My only issue with that they tried to add too much of their personality into it that sometimes, to me at least, it seemed like it was a little off beat, or didn’t match the song… but hey I’m not a coach!

Both great performances from Team Adam, but Adam decided to keep Malik!

Hunter Plake vs. Jack Cassidy: “Dancing on My Own”  

This is actually one of my favorites from tonight. The power in their voices, and just how much emotion was put into this performance was unbelievable. I really hope that whoever is eliminated gets saved because they are both just amazing singers that deserve to be in this competition.

Alicia chooses to keep… Jack!

But no worries, because Hunter was saved by Gwen!

Autumn Turner vs. Vanessa Ferguson: “Killing Me Softly with His Song”  

Another favorite performance of mine. Autumn and Vanessa made this song truly like it was their own, and their rendition of it was amazing.

Alicia decides to keep Vanessa on her team!

BUT Autumn is saved for Team Adam!

Johnny Hayes vs. Julien Martinez: “Hard to Handle”  

I’m honestly not exactly sure how I feel about this performance, I’m in between with it. Both have potential to be great singers, in fact we saw that during the blind auditions… but this performance was a little rough. Regardless, they still gave it their all.

 Adam decides to keep Johnny, and based off this performance, I do think that was the better decision.

Aaliyah Rose vs. Savannah Leighton: “Treat You Better”  

This song could not have been more perfect song for these young women. They were both able to add some girl power moments into this performance, along with them being super cute and adorable.

Gwen chooses to keep Aaliyah!

Josh West vs. Nala Price: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”  

Started off a little odd, but nonetheless still great singers and a great performance! Josh is able to get his voice pretty high to match Nala, and Nala sings everything so perfectly.

Adam chooses to keep Josh!

Andrea Thomas vs. Micah Tryba: “What Hurts the Most” 

Another favorite performance of mine from tonight, this reminded me of a country/pop duo song that would have a super cool music video (make that happen ASAP please). Both are amazing singers, and I truly mean amazing. Blake is going to have a really tough decision with this one.

But ultimately, Blake chooses to keep, Andrea!

Battle Montage: Enid vs. Valerie, Hanna vs. Sheena, Jozy vs. Troy  

Enid vs. Valerie; Blake chooses to keep Enid!

Hannah vs. Sheena; Adam chooses to keep Hannah!

Jozy vs. Troy; Gwen chooses to keep Troy!

Short and simple, but be sure to check out www.youtube.com/NBCTheVoice for more videos and behind the scenes look for this week’s show!

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NBC’s The Voice is well under way. We just wrapped with the blind auditions and there is a ton of talent on all teams. MultiMediaMouth.com has created top 7 blind auditions.

#7 – Jozy Bernadette “American Woman”

Jozy showcased an incredible voice and a super sexy delivery to her performance on Monday. You can tell that Jozy enjoys performing but also pays attention to the details of an over all look. Gwen was the perfect choice for her. Gwen is the queen of being fashionable, sexy and an incredible front woman.

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Last night brought more amazing blind auditions and more battles between the coaches. It is no surprise that this season is already filled with so much talent, so let’s see what other contestants joined our coaches teams.

Micah Tryba“I’m Every Woman”

Starts off very strong and powerful, I can’t pin point which singer she reminds me of but she has a beautiful voice. Blake is the first to push his button, and Gwen follows not too far after. Alicia hasn’t pushed her button, but she sings and dances along to the song, pretty much the whole time. Blake and Gwen are the only two to push their buttons so it’s time to watch these two battle it out again. Blake points out that Gwen has not won a show yet, therefore Micah should choose him. But finally, she choice’s to join… Team Blake!

Taylor Alexander“Believe”

Within two seconds, we can tell he is a country singer, and it is actually kind of hard to tell that he’s singing a cover of a song made famously by Cher. But once Adam recognizes it, he pushes his button and is just in awe for the rest of the song. Even I am amazed by this rendition of the song, it is sung so beautifully and has a country side to it that is just amazing. Adam ends up being the only person to push his button and he is super excited about it, and Taylor seems to pretty excited about it as well.

Gaby Borromero “Happy”

She has a very sweet and soft voice and just totally has everyone in awe. The chorus comes and Adam and Blake are the first two to push their buttons. Gaby just keeps hitting these amazing falsetto, and at the end of her performance she starts crying, and Adam runs up to hug her and it’s the cutest thing ever. Adam tells her that he is surprised that it was not a four-chair turnaround, and he believes she can win the whole competition on his team. Blake claims that he only has country singers on his team, so having Gaby on his team would be a nice change. Ultimately, Gaby chooses to join… Team Adam!

Troy Ramey“Wild World”

The first couple seconds of the song is amazing, and Blake thinks so too as he is the first person to push his button! Not too long after, Adam plays it cool and pushes his button while Blake freaks out a little bit. Gwen follows pushing hers, also kind of disappointing Blake, Alicia follows after, making it a four-chair turnaround for Troy! At the end of performance Troy is clearly blown away, and Adam and Blake give him a standing ovation. Troy says he sung the song in tribute to his late father and I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up a little bit. Blake and Adam continue to bicker per usual, Alicia says that she’d like Troy on her team but also does not bad mouth any of the other coaches, and Gwen says that she feels they are meant to work together. I am actually kind of surprised by the decision, but I support it 100% when Troy chooses to join… Team Gwen!

Jack Cassidy“One of Us”

Fun fact: As I am writing this, Jack is #17 on Trending on YouTube. It is a great performance, Adam is the first to push his button, and not too far after, Alicia pushes her button and she shows so much excitement for Jack playing the piano on stage. Jack was raised by a famous musical family and has basically been singing since he was born. Jack claims that although he loves Adam, he decides to go to… Team Alicia!

Missy Robertson“Scars to Your Beautiful”

Her nerves seem to be hitting just a little bit, but nonetheless, still an amazing singer. The performance is a little shaky, but Missy is still trying to really blow away the coaches. At the absolute last second, and I’m not even exaggerating it was the very last second, Blake and Alicia push their buttons at the same time! Missy has a very cute and humble personality, and I hope she chooses Alicia honestly. But Blake still gives his pitch and claims that he wants someone on his team who isn’t like the other members on his team; Adam points out that it is the same line he uses when he’s trying to get country singers on his team (which is true). Missy ultimately chooses… Team Alicia!

Aaliyah Rose“Rise Up”

At just 14 years old, she has such a beautiful and powerful voice, and immediately catches the attention of Gwen, who pushes her button and is in awe during the rest performance. Aaliyah absolutely kills the rest of her performance, and Gwen is the only one who has pushed her button and they are both clearly so excited for this. Aaliyah also shares her background performing songs on YouTube and says that she has covered some of both Gwen and Alicia’s hit songs. She seems very thankful to be joining Team Gwen!

Kawan Debose“Let’s Get It On”

Although he’s got a Pharrell style hat, he kind of reminds me of Usher with his sexy soulful sound. Adam is the first to push his button, with Blake following not too long after. Gwen follows a few seconds later, and all the coaches are just amazed by his stage presence and interactions with the crowd. He has such a strong personality, and totally just clicks with the coaches. Adam says that he is very picky with the people he turns for, and even points out that the only other person he can think of that has ever been able to hit falsetto like that is Prince, and everyone’s jaw drops at such a flattering comparison. But it is true, the way he sang it, less like Usher, a lot more like Prince. Adam says that Kawan would be the number one priority on his team, and later Alicia definitely sides to get Kawan on Adam’s team. Kawan chooses… Team Adam!

Josh West“Ordinary World”

The song perfectly matches his style in my opinion, but it is hard to tell who I think would be a better coach for him. Adam is the first to push his button, and Gwen following seconds later. Josh hits this note that Gwen is clearly very impressed by, and Alicia and Blake both give each other a head nod and push their buttons, making it a four-chair turnaround! Josh is 17 years old and he is very cute and kind of shy when talking to the coaches which is interesting because you can tell that he is most comfortable when he’s singing. Josh chooses to join… Team Adam!


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Surprise! Last night brought another episode of the Blind Auditions, why? Who knows, but who really cares, we got to see our coaches back at it another day this week! This episode brought in a few more contenders, but only 5 more contestants were added on to the coaches teams.

Brandon Royal“Master Blaster (Jammin’)”

Almost instantly, all of the coaches were excited when the song started playing. He kind of reminds me of Jason Derulo, and he is absolutely killin’ the performance, I’m surprised it takes so long for the coaches to push their buttons. Gwen is the first to push her button, and Blake follows not too far along after, making them the only two to push and battle it out. Alicia says that there was so much vulnerability and… balls… in his performance, that she was just amazed throughout his whole performance. Blake points out that he has had more wins than any of the three coaches combined, which is true… But Gwen also points out that she has worked with many different artists, including ones with the same style as Brandon. Adam asks the final question, and Brandon chooses to join… Team Gwen!


Casi Joy“Blue”

First note in and the coaches are all already so impressed. Gwen almost immediately pushes her button, and Alicia is not too far along from her. About halfway through the song, Blake and Adam push their buttons, making this a four-chair turnaround for Casi! Casi had a very soft and sweet voice, and her falsetto was just amazing. Adam continues to make us laugh saying that he’s not going to get his hopes up and goes to sit off the side of the stage. Each coach really gave their best pitch, and it seemed like such a tough decision, but, to no real surprise here, Casi chose to join… Team Blake!


Ashley Levin“Let Him Fly”

She starts off very strong, seems a little bit nervous, but I mean, who wouldn’t be in this situation?? The coaches seem into the performance, but are still taking their time to process it. Gwen and Blake push their buttons at the same time, and Alicia is not too far after pushing hers. Adam says that she looks like the physical embodiment of a ray of sunshine, and it is true. Gwen tries to convince Ashley to join her team, and oddly enough, uses Blake as her bait. Adam throws in his opinion and says that she should actually choose Alicia just to prevent Blake and Gwen from battling it out. It is a very tough decision, but Ashley chooses to join… Team Blake!


Julien Martinez“Pride and Joy”

Very rocky and raspy voice, amazing in the first note already. Adam and Blake are both rocking out in their seats to the song, but each of the coaches take their time to push their buttons. In the very last note, ending the song with a very rocker scream, Blake and Adam both jump in excitement and push their buttons. We have not seen these two battle it out just the two of them in such a long time. Julien ultimately chooses to join… Team Adam!


Quizz Swanigan “Who’s Loving You”

Fun fact: Quizz is the youngest person on this season being only 13 years old, and he used to be a Michael Jackson tribute artist, and when he starts singing, it is very clear why. For someone so young, he has such an amazing voice. Within the last few seconds of the song, Alicia and Gwen push their buttons making it the first time ever that these two have battled it out without Blake and/or Adam. They give their pitches while still complimenting each other, and it is so sweet. Quizz says that Gwen taught him how to spell bananas, and all I can think is SAMMMEEEE. I am kind of surprised thought because Quizz chooses to join… Team Alicia!


That’s it for tonight’s episode! Be sure to tune back in next week for recaps of the episodes.

Also check out www.youtube.com/NBCTheVoice for more performances and behind-the-scenes looks!


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Last night we welcomed 8 contestants from the Blind Auditions to move on to the Battle Rounds! Each of our coaches, Blake, Alicia, Gwen, and Adam welcomed members to their teams, and are eager to begin night 2. Tonight’s episode did not have as many contestants make it through as yesterday did, but they are still just as amazing and have an equal chance in this competition. Let’s not waste anymore time and jump right into tonight’s contestants.

Savannah Leighton“Unconditionally”

Started off a little shaky, but I blame the nerves, she still has an amazing voice. I almost thought she wasn’t going to get a chair turned, but Blake comes in for the rescue! Savannah is clearly relieved of this, but it is at the last second that Gwen pushes her button! Who’s ready for this couple to brawl it out?! They do not disappoint either, with Adam as a narrator, if Blake lands Savannah on his team, he “might be sleeping on the couch tonight.” Gwen attempts to pull the girl-card saying that Savannah should not be intimidated by her and that she believes they can really get along. When it comes down to it, Savannah chooses to join… Team Gwen!


Aliyah Moulden “Hound Dog”

Almost immediately a version of this song that is not common, but very impressive for such a 15 YEAR OLD. Blake is the first to push his button for the group, with Alicia and Gwen following not too far after. ALSO SIDE NOTE: I’m going to take a moment to show some major love for this girl because she is from my hometown of La Habra, CA. SO PROUD! Adam is the only one who didn’t push his button, but he says that he hopes she doesn’t choose Blake, shocker. Alicia does her usual, lowkey, but still amazing speech and Gwen uses her “I was once a young girl…” speech, but ultimately Aliyah chooses to join… Team Blake!


Autumn Turner“Last Dance”

All the coaches are immediately impressed, but Adam is the first to push his button! Autumn has such a strong voice and just continues to sing the song so effortlessly. Gwen is next to push her button, alongside Alicia and Blake making it a four-chair turnaround… and just before Autumn lets out this note that is just amazing, and a great way to end the performance. Adam claims that she could easily win the whole show. Each of the other coaches give their usual pitch, Adam says he will do anything to get her on his team, and Alicia claims to just want what’s best for her. Ultimately, Autumn chooses to join… Team Alicia!


Lilli Passero “A Love of My Own”

She has such a sweet voice, more of an Alicia Keys’ style voice, maybe with a little bit of Amy Winehouse even, I could be totally wrong about that. Blake pushes his button and seems very proud of it, but it does not take long for Gwen and Alicia to join and almost immediately crush his dreams. Awkward moment when Lilli says that she’s waited on Gwen before at a restaurant in Studio City, and Blake tries to throw Gwen under the bus. But fear not, because Alicia completely blows everyone away and serenades Lilli in an attempt to get her on her team. This song is so put together, and is sung so perfectly by Alicia you would think that she has practiced this song for months now. Well, it comes as no shocker when Lilli chooses to join… Team Alicia!


Jesse Larson “Jealous Guy”

Guitar playing fella, and the song is already so perfect for his style and personality. Adam and Blake naturally start lip-syncing along with Jesse, and it is not long before Adam pushes his button. I am so amazed by this guy’s performance, and his guitar playing makes it so much better. Crazy thing is, Adam is the only person to push his button, and although he is very happy about that, he seems so surprised that none of the other coaches pushed their buttons, and I actually am too. I thought for sure Blake would join in on the fun. So of course, Jesse has joined… Team Adam!



Well that’s a wrap on tonight’s performances! Here is where the teams stand after tonight:

Team Blake: Lauren Duski, Brennley Brown, and Aliyah Moulden

Team Alicia: Anatalia Villaranda, Felicia Temple,  Autumn Turner, and Lilli Passero

Team Gwen: JChosen (Joshua Hunter), Stephanie Rise, and Savannah Leighton

Team Adam: Johnny Hayes, Mark Isaiah, Jesse Larson


Be sure to check out www.youtube.com/thevoice for more videos and behind the scenes look!


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The Voice has only been gone since the beginning of December but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t having withdrawals… BUT fear not my friends, because last night was finally the return of our beloved show!

Season 12 kicked off with returning coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, and, after a two season hiatus, Gwen Stefani! Also how could we forget our amazing host, Carson Daly, who is also back for another season. Also, I highly suggest checking out the coaches’ cover of TLC’s Waterfalls, because it was ammaazinngg.  But enough about the coaches, let’s get to what’s really important. Tonight was the first night of the Blind Auditions, so, in no particular order, let’s take a look at who made it to the Battle Rounds!

Brennley Brown “Stupid Boy”

Very soft and sweet voice, with maybe a little bit of a country accent? She did seem a little nervous which might have held her back during her performance. But towards the end of the song, she belts out the most amazing note, and gets Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys to turn their chairs! Brennley is 14 years old, and makes it clear that country music is where she aspires to be. So of course, Blake, makes it his mission to get her on his team. The battle between Alicia and Blake is real, but ultimately Brennley chooses to join… Team Blake!

Lauren Duski“You Were Meant for Me”

Immediately I am blown away by this girl’s voice and she hasn’t even finished the first note, and within a couple seconds, Adam Levine pushes his button, and immediately a sign of relief from Lauren. Blake and Gwen follow by pushing their buttons next. About halfway through this performance, and I have goosebumps. She has continued to sing this song so flawlessly. Lauren shares that she just moved to Nashville, and already Blake believes he’s got this in the bag. Adam gives a great pitch, and so does Gwen. Although Lauren says she’s considered country music, Adam claims that he goes with his gut feeling with choosing artists and that she should choose him anyways. Gwen points out that she’s the better choice because she has collabed with both Adam and Blake, going along with the “genre-less” singer. It is a tough decision but also not a huge shocker, Lauren chooses… Team Blake!

Stephanie Rice“Piece by Piece”

Starts off very promising, and within seconds, has Blake pushing his button. Not too far after, Gwen follows her beau and pushes hers. Stephanie has a very raspy, but soulful voice, and you can tell she puts so much emotion into her performance. Adam points out how he feels like the awkward third wheel when both Blake and Gwen push their buttons, and its so true! Now that Blake and Gwen are officially open about their relationship, I feel like their competitiveness has increased so much, its pretty entertaining to watch actually. Adam eggs on the competition and Alicia is like the referee of it all, again, entertaining. Finally the time has come, Stephanie chooses to join… Team Gwen!

Mark Isaiah“Mercy”

Ahhh a Shawn Mendes song… sung so beautifully by someone who’s not Shawn Mendes. Gwen and Adam are the first two to push their buttons, within a second of each other. Mark gives an amazing performance of this song all throughout. At only 19 years old, Gwen says that she’s surprised that he is not signed to anyone yet. She also says that she has the longest music career than everyone else, Adam even used to go to her concerts (crazy to think about it that way, right?). Mark chooses to join… Team Adam!

JChosen“Sexual Healing”

First note is amazing, and Adam does not hesitate to push his button. Alicia is a couple seconds after. Blake and Gwen follow not too long after, making that a four-chair turnaround for JChosen! All the coaches are dancing and clapping along and it is just all around a great performance. Adam goes up and gives him a hug at the end of the performance, and the coaches look a little scared, but are ready to battle it out. All the coaches make great points, and it’s actually hard to keep up with all their comments, but JChosen surprises all the coaches when he chooses to join… Team Gwen!

Johnny Hayes“Try a Little Tenderness”

Honestly one of my favorite songs, and he starts it off so amazingly. Adam and Gwen push their buttons almost immediately. The song seems to perfectly match Johnny’s style and he’s definitely got a little more rock in him that hopefully we’ll get to see later in another performance. Adam notices him, and Johnny says that he actually auditioned last season. I love when people who have previously auditioned, and didn’t make it, come back and are able to get not just one, but two chairs to turn! The final decision comes down to Johnny, and he chooses to join… Team Adam!

Felicia Temple “All I Could Do Was Cry”

Sweet, soft notes to start off the song. She’s already killing this performance with such a beautiful voice and passion. Alicia is the first to push her button, and it is the cutest thing when the camera goes to Felicia’s family who is jumping and cheering for her backstage. Blake and Gwen push their buttons, and we already know that those two are about to battle it out. But there is a plot twist, Felicia says she used to be called “Felicia Keys” because she used to play Alicia’s songs all the time. Blake and Gwen already know that they have lost this battle, and Adam says that Felicia and Alicia should duet… and they do exactly that! No surprise at all to any of the coaches, Felicia chooses to join… Team Alicia!

Anatalia Villaranda“Runaway Baby”

She starts off strong and proud, with every ounce of confidence a person should have when auditioning for this show. She is 16 years old and has such a strong and amazing voice. Blake and Alicia push their buttons at the same exact time, and Gwen and Adam do not take too long to follow after, making it a four-chair turnaround! Her family has been cheering for her loud and proud since she started singing, and they are brought on stage, and it is the sweetest thing in the world. Alicia and Gwen give their “girl-power” pitches, Adam tries to go for the “geography” pitch, but Blake shoots that down pretty fast. Anatalia is left with the tough decision, but she chooses… Team Alicia!

If you want to check out the performances from tonight, be sure to head to www.youtube.com/thevoice, and be sure to join us tomorrow for another night of The Voice!

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