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Vice President Joe Biden will guest star on the second episode of the new season of NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU,” set to air Wednesday, Sept. 28 (9-10 p.m. ET/PT).

The Vice President will appear as himself in a press conference scene where he commends the SVU, led by Lt. Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), for their work in addressing the national rape kit backlog, specifically in the city of Detroit. ‎‎

The issue reflects the real-life efforts of Biden and series star Hargitay, who both recently spoke at the United State of Women Summit at the White House in June to address the national backlog of untested rape kits, and the pervasive culture of violence and sexual assault against women.‎

See The V.P.’s full speech at United State of Women Summit here.

The Vice President was also honored by Hargitay’s Joyful Heart Foundation last May for his commitment to ending domestic violence and sexual assault.

The 18th season of “Law & Order: SVU” premieres Wednesday, September 21 on NBC.

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Dove Cameron, a star of Disney Channel’s “Liv and Maddie,” has been cast as Amber Von Tussle on NBC’s “Hairspray Live!
Additionally, Garrett Clayton, co-star of a pair of TV movie musicals, will play Link Larkin.

Cameron and Clayton, who are each previous Teen Choice Award nominees, join a cast that includes Harvey Fierstein, Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, Kristin Chenoweth, Martin Short, Derek Hough and newcomer Maddie Baillio.

“Hairspray Live!” marks a reunion between Cameron and Chenoweth, who teamed together on Disney’s TV movie “Descendants.”

In 2015, Cameron and Ryan McCartan partnered up and formed the pop duo The Girl and the Dreamcatcher, combining their singing and songwriting talents. The duo have released three singles and recently released their first EP, “Negatives.” It currently ranks #2 on pop charts at #14 worldwide.

Clayton starred in the TV musicals “Teen Beach Movie” and “Teen Beach Movie 2.” He has also made appearances on “The Fosters” and “The Real O’Neals.” He’ll star in the upcoming film “King Cobra,” opposite Christian Slater and James Franco.

“Hairspray Live!” airs on NBC at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 7.

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Here it is our first look at part two of season two of Fear the Walking Dead. It looks like it will focus on finding Nick as he wanders the zombie apocalypse in Mexico.

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"Power Rangers" - Teaser Poster

Lionsgate, Saban Capital Group

Getting Ready for the March 2017 release of the new Power Rangers movie, the cast was at Comic-Con 2016 in San Diego, CA.

Dacre Montgomery (Jason the Red Ranger), Naomi Scott (Kimberley the Pink Ranger), RJ Cyler (Billy the Blue Ranger), Ludi Lin (Zach the Black Ranger), and Becky G (Trini the Yellow Ranger) all appeared at the Lionsgate booth to sign autographs and meet fans on Thursday. Later that evening, the cast also walked the red carpet at Lionsgate, Nerdist and Geek & Sundry’s Power Rangers Party at Petco Park.

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robot_s2ep3_elliotrobotphone USA Network NBCUniversial

robot_s2ep3_elliotrobotphone USA Network NBCUniversial

USA Network/NBCUniversia

Mr. Robot eps2.1_k3rnel-pan1c.ksd

“Stop Spazzing and Be Cool”

The third episode of season 2 of Mr. Robot starts with a flashback where we learn the history of the fsociety’s arcade home base. The building’s ownership is questionable and original fsociety member Romero was its caretaker. Bank of E IT guy, Mobley, hooks Elliot and Romero up and we learn that the name of fsociety comes from the damaged sign on the arcade. Fun Society, minus the ‘un.’

Last episode left off with Elliot on the phone with what sounded like the missing Tyrell. He encourages Elliot to stay the course, but he won’t say where he is or what happened. Is it real? The call is ended by Mr. Robot, who tells Elliot that he connected Tyrell and Elliot to prove he’s still alive. Was it real? It seemed like a hallucination for Elliot’s benefit, Mr. Robot trying to win him back.

This begins Elliot’s breakdown. He’s having trouble maintaining his sane life. So he turns to Adderall. If he can take enough and stay awake long enough, he believes he can vanquish Mr. Robot. But, dad tries to stop this with a kidnapping and cement swallowing hallucination that causes Elliot to throw-up the pills. Robot and Elliot are in a battle for Elliot’s mind, would it be better if Elliot let him win? Maybe then fsociety would have a better leader, or maybe Elliot would actually be happy. Or it might just burn him down.

Elliot re-eats the thrown-up pills and keeps taking more. It releases him from Mr. Robot, for awhile. It also sends him a sleepless, manic tirade that ends with a speech to his church group straight out of a freshman dorm full of Bill Hicks inspired indignation. Elliot catches himself, leaves the group and trashes his journal.

In this episode we start to learn more about two of my favorite additions to the cast, Craig Robinson’s Ray and Grace Gummer’s FBI agent Dominique DiPierro.  Ray starts his days with dialysis and a conversation with is dead wife. He also seems to be involved with some sort of bit coin/internet scam. We see him shaking down a computer guy who has failed to do some sort of internet thing. Whatever Ray is involved in seems to need Eliot’s expertise and Ray just may be the guy to exploit Elliot’s digital addiction for his means.

Insomniac Agent DiPierro is a fascinating addition. She can’t sleep, likes cybersex, speaks Farsi and talks to Amazon’s Alexa a lot. I can’t tell yet if she is smart and experienced and doesn’t care about impressing others, or if she is smart and experienced and trying to prove herself.

Last time we saw her she was interviewing Gideon about All Safe’s involvement in the digital attacks. She is drawn further into the fsociety world when Romero turns up dead at his mom’s house. Romero had a hacked list of FBI names and that prompts the local cops to call her. At Romero’s mom’s she find a flyer for the ‘End of the World’ party held at the fsociety’s arcade after the 5/9 attack. Which leads her to the arcade and closer to the old gang.

Speaking of the old gang, Darlene rounds up Mobley and Trenton to call fears of the Dark Army after Gideon’s and Romero’s murders. Trintion echoes my concerns with fsociety sans Elliot, calling Darlene out over the money burning prank. Angela defends it saying that it’s contributing to the negative public perception of E Corp. But, that already exists! People don’t have access to their money. They can only have $50 a day and ownership records are in chaos. The public confidence in the system is gone. Staging pointless viral theater just makes fsociety look like another group of privileged, out of touch, brats that are mad at their dads and have no interest in actually helping the people that are hurt by the system they’re trying to destroy.

Oh, also Angela went on what she thought was a date with the E Corp bigwig Phillip Price, but it started off as a business meeting with a couple other E Corp people. Then Price dismissed the guys and tells Angels that they were in the room (I’ll stop here so we can sing that bit from Hamilton) when the decision was made about the poisoning of Angela’s town. Price gives her some data to punish those guys, after telling her about their family lives. What game is price playing? Is he trying to break Angela, make her prove some E Corp loyalty or is he working for justice through Angela?

By the end Elliot is broken. Mr. Robot is ready to take over and Ray is in position to use Eliot for himself.

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L to R: Christian Slater (Mr. Robot), Rami Malek (Elliot Alderson) Photo: USA Network/NBCUniversal

The two-part season two premiere of Mr. Robot on USA Network picks up a month after the fsociety attacks on Evil Corp that brought financial chaos to the world. It also starts with a few flashbacks. Elliot and Tyrell at the arcade on the night the attack starts, just before Tyrell disappears. Also, a flashback to the day that Elliot’s dad pushed him out of the window when he was a child.

As the episode settles in, we find Elliot living with his mother. He has constructed a strict routine to try to keep him sane. Daily meals at the same place and time with a friend, watching basketball at the park, household chores, bible study group and journaling. Elliot describes this as his analog existence. Like an addict, he is putting all his effort into avoiding his demon, the digital world. All under the watchful eye, and cynical monologs, of Mr. Robot. Elliot thinks that if he can stay, as he describes it, sane long enough then Mr. Robot will fade away.

But, when Elliot Meets Craig Robinson’s Ray at one of the basketball games it triggers a Mr. Robot takeover. Ray asks Elliot for some computer help, and it turns out that Elliot then meets with Ray, but Elliot has no memory of it.

Gideon also stops by to see Elliot. Allsafe is gone, Gideon’s marriage is over and Gideon is being set up as a fall guy for the hack. He wants Elliot to confess whatever he knows to the FBI to help clear Gideon.
The writers have created an interesting challenge with season two. At the end of last season they reviled that Mr. Robot was Elliot’s dad and a manifestation in Elliot’s mind. Elliot wasn’t a reluctant participant in fsociety, but the mastermind. The show created the menace of Mr. Robot as chief among the digital robin hoods. But, now we know he isn’t a real separate person, so how will he be a compelling force in the show? I think they are doing it in two clever ways. One, Mr. Robot is keeping the secret of what happened with Tyrell. So Elliot must fight with his own mind to find what he did. Two, they are raising the question of who is real, Elliot or Mr. Robot? They’ve already established Elliot as an unreliable narrator, so we are never quite sure if reality lines up with what we are seeing.

The rest of fsociety seems to be coasting on the success of the 5/9 attacks. They cut the balls of the bull statue on Wall Street. They take over the smart home of E Corp’s chief council and set up base there. Elliot’s sister Darlene looks to be the head of the movement now. She is trying to quell a party atmosphere and figure out if they have only won a battle but are losing the war. E Corp is hurt, the system is beat-up, but not down. They need to do more, so they turn to parlor tricks and viral theater.

fsociety takes E Corp’s bank system hostage with ransomware and demand $5.9 million. They demand someone from the company take the cash to a park, pile-it up and burn it. Viral theater, with no real point or consequences for society’s chosen villain. I’ve always had a problem with the grand plan. The eradication of American citizens’ debts, the chains that hold people to faceless corporations, may be a noble cause. But, they go about it by trying to burn down the forest to save a log cabin. As we see in the scene that begins the ransom hack at Bank of E, the regular people that fsociety thinks they are helping, cannot get to their own money or have access to the proof of ownership they would need to thrive in the utopia fsociety dreams of. It’s just dumb to burn over five million dollars on the street in front of people that would benefit from a bundle of cash in a world where access to their digital money is cut off. fsociety could have been handing out that money like Nino Brown giving the neighborhood turkeys.

Along with Ray, played by Craig Robinson, we are introduced to the friendliest deli customer/FBI agent and new fsociety member: Bank of E IT Guy. Angela is still around, having settled into her PR job at E Corp.
The episode ends with a phone delivered to Mrs. Wellick and a phone call to Elliot, which sounds like Tyrell reveling himself. Gideon gets shot while at a bar by someone that calls him a ‘crises actor.’

The episode was a great reboot that sets up an exciting second season.

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The amazingly dramatic and entertaining TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation is returning for a reunion episode. The show is celebrating 500 episodes. You can find the show on Netflix now, and honestly, I can’t wait.

Check out the trailer for the reunion episode.

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Modern Family is entering it’s eight season on ABC. Here is a report from

It’s a big moment for two of TV’s biggest comedies. Deadline reports the casts of both Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory are up for contract renegotiations soon.

Modern Family is heading into its eighth season on ABC, while The Big Bang Theory premieres its 10th season on CBS this September.

Both sitcoms are the highest rated comedy on their respective networks, with season seven of Modern Family earning an average rating of 2.56 in the 18-49 demo and a total of 7.918 million viewers. Meanwhile, season nine of The Big Bang Theory received an average rating of 3.73 in the 18-49 demo with a total of 15.212 million viewers.

Contract negotiations for The Big Bang Theory are reportedly about to start. Earlier, star Kunal Nayyar said the entire cast wants at least another season of the CBS comedy.

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Former Voice contestant and Youtube superstar Christina Grimmie was shot late Friday night following her show in Flordia. Grimmie was signing autographs when an unidetified man shot her and now Grimmie lies in an Orlando hostpital in Critical condition. No motive has been release the police.
We here at will keep you posted as this story develops.

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