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American Idol went off the air almost one year ago. Currently, the show’s producer Fremantle is seeking to bring the show back on NBC. According to reports, the competition series has been in talks with NBC to bring back the once popular show. While no deal has been reached, there is a high probability of the show returning.

For much of Idols run, it was the go to show to watch in primetime. Even at the end, Idol was doing ratings that most shows would kill for. The series finale was seen by 13.3 million viewers and had a 3.o share.

“When you’ve got a franchise that has this kind of heritage and you’ve got a franchise that generates X amount of millions of people, if it sustains, does that mean it’s the end?” Seacrest said, according to a Variety report. “I’m not so sure,” he added.

So how would it work?

Well, no one really knows. There has been talks about NBC cutting The Voice down to one season a year, which would help The Vocie seem more important. Even if this was a one-year revival, it would help The Voice a ton. If you look at The Voice, in 5 years we’ve had 12 Seasons, and 10 coaches. That’s a high turn over.

Commentary: I think that American Idol would be great to revive. If they did revive the show in 2017, it would be nice to see who they would tap get as judges and see what NBC was able to bring to the table to make the show more interesting and new. A fresh set of producers, judges, and hosts would be fun to see.

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Credit: Inquisitr

Credit: Inquisitr

Harry Connick Jr. is headed into daytime TV with his new show Harry on NBC. Headlinestonight.com had the chance to talk to Harry and his executive producers about how Harry will be different.

Harry Connick Jr. brings a new energy to daytime: Executive Producer Eric Stangle (formerly of Late Show with David Letterman) told HT that most shows are designed as variety or entertainment and then hire a host, this show was designed around Harry’s strengths. Stangle also stated that if you have ever seen Harry’s live shows, you will love his talk show.

Harry on the feel of the show: Harry says he will have his touring band with him. The show is “a late night vibe in day time”. Connick says he isn’t opposed to having up and coming talent showcased on his show. Connick also expressed interest in doing Man on the Street type bits.

Harry on Music: “My last album came out last year. I have been focused on doing this show. I haven’t had time to think of anything else…maybe in a year I will think about going back into the studio.”

Harry On Idol: “We did great things on Idol. But at the end of season 14, I had know about this new show and would have left the show for this….I found out about ‘Idol’ ending the same time everyone else did.”

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Dear American Idol,

You have been a main stay in my life for 15 years. I remember watching Kelly Clarkson being crowned the original Idol and thinking, “Wow, if she can do it, anyone can.” With that being said, I think it’s time someone said “Thank You”.

So thank you Idol for being one of the only shows in America that can help dreamers like me chase their dreams. You made it possible for people to actually achieve their dream. Without you, hundreds of people would not have the career that they have.

Thank you American Idol, for giving us talent like Kelly, Carrie, David, Scotty and others. You gave those people a chance to do what they love and make a living doing it.

Idol, you’re the friend that just kept giving us moement to believe.

To believe that anything is possible in this life. You gave us the opprotunity to make a strangers dream come true and you helped our friends become superstars. You gave America a reason to look up and love ourselves. You gave us a reason to rally around total strangers and made them our best friend. Thank you for giving us reasons to cry and reasons to cheer.


American Idol, you transformed many generations that passed, and many to come. So thank you for the chance to live our dreams through the dreams others. You gave us so much, and we did so little to deserve.


Thank you!

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American Idol finalist from season 10, Haley Reinhart is returning to the show! However, this time she will be a mentor and performer on the show. This is Reinhart’s first time performing and appearing in an official capacity since season 10.

Reinhart came in third after struggling to stay in the Top 12 during season 10. She almost took the spot of Lauren Alaina who was having trouble with her throat during the finale.

Here is Reinhart’s official announcement:


Cat’s outta the bag folks!!! ? I’ll be back on @americanidol Thurs. Feb.18th!!! Only this time, I’ll be mentoring and…

Posted by Haley Reinhart on Friday, February 5, 2016

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Season 10 winner of American Idol, Scotty McCreery is leaving his record label he’s called home since winning the show. That’s right, McCreery is leaving Mercury Nashville/Interscope.

“I enjoyed being on Mercury Nashville/Interscope and I appreciate all the great people who worked hard on my behalf while I was there,” McCreery, 22, said of his Universal Music split. “I am excited about what the future holds and the opportunities being presented to me.

McCreery has been working on a new album, but with this split it’s unknown if the music he’s already recorded will be released.

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(Click the image to purchase album through AMAZON)

Ladies and Gentlemen, David Cook is back. Season 7 winner of American Idol and pop/rocker is back with his first album since 2011’s This Loud Morning. (Click Here To Purchase This Loud Morning). Cook has since left RCA records and embarked on his own and now, after years of waiting and teasing, Digital Vein is out and it’s AMAZING!

The album starts with the song “Heartbeat”, which has that nice clean guitar tone opening the record, classic cook. His vocals kick in and I am reminded why Cook won American Idol. This song will be a favorite of mine but for the reason that Cook’s best song’s (other than Permanent) aren’t typically the slower ballady songs. In the chorus, Cook sings his own harmonies and again, in classic Cook style makes the song even better with is signature falsetto. And then the song kicks into second gear and picks up. I feel like this is him staring into a loved ones eyes and him telling them that we can survive the troubles of the past. We can come back from whatever.

Then its time for the first single off the record, “Criminals” which is classic Cook rock with a bit of pop. There is a nice little rift to open the song and then Cook kicks in with a snare drum and his vocals. One thing I’ve always loved about David is that he tells a story with his lyrics and his melodies takes you on a ride that you don’t want to get off. This is a song about running away with your  girl.  I might have to use these lyrics as pick up lines.

Now, this next song is my absolute favorite on the record. It’s “Broken Windows”. This song is so well constructed and again Cook is in the drivers seat and I really don’t mind. I had this song on repeat for hours after listening to the album. My favorite line “Build this place our of blood and bricks so we can still stand when the world is shaking”. OH. EM. GEE. I am totally using that when life gets tough with my future wife! HA.

The entire album is solid. Go out and get it. Click the image at the top of this post (david cook’s album art) to purchase a copy though amazon. Let me know what you think of the album!

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