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 Could There Have Been A Suicide Squad Television Show?

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By Matthew Green.

Last summer, DC and Warner Bros. released Suicide Squad to poor reviews. Despite a loaded cast and a whole lot of publicity, the movie crashed and burned where critics were concerned. While this gave the movie a bad reputation, the story at the box office was very different. Amazingly, Suicide Squad still broke a handful of records for early earnings, making it a big success.

This has led some to speculate about the possible future of the Suicide Squad characters. Typically when a film with franchise potential makes that kind of money, there is going to be a sequel, prequel, or spin-off of some kind. There’s already news from the online gaming community indicating that there is a new Suicide Squad game in the works. It’s expected to be another Playtech-designed slot reel with movie characters as a backdrop that will continue to build on the astounding popularity of the film. Plenty of other superheroes that belong to sprawling franchises has had their own similar games that have been released to much success.

At this point, most are assuming that a sequel is a given. While there aren’t confirmed details, the speculation tends to be about what the movie will deal with, not if they’re actually going to make it. A couple months ago a rumor hit the internet that Mel Gibson might be directing the sequel (which would undoubtedly help to make it interesting even after the first one’s poor reviews).We don’t know much, but an online game probably isn’t all we’re getting in the wake of Suicide Squad. Expect plenty more from the merry band of anti-heroes in the future.

The more interesting question isn’t what the sequel will be like, but whether there might have been a Suicide Squad television show in the works at some point. This might sound like a strange idea, but the DC-based TV show Arrow actually had to snub plans for a spinoff.

Fans of this show may recall that Harley Quinn was a character back in the second season. But when Warner Bros. put Margot Robbie in the same role for Suicide Squad, Arrow had to alter its plans. Quotes from one star of the show hinted at a certain level of frustration between the show crew and the folks behind the DC pictures. As she put it, DC could have stood to learn a thing or two from Marvel, which has managed to build its shows and films in the same “connected universe.” By contrast, DC and Warner Bros. have decided to have multiple versions of the same characters on TV and on the big screen—most notably The Flash.

Harley Quinn and her fellow Suicide Squad members won’t be coming to the small screen anytime soon, but it’s still fun to think about what might have been. After a massive take at the box office and a surprising Academy Award win, you can bet this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the terrible team, and there’s sure to be plenty more around the corner.

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Ruben Jay and Sheena Brook talk about her time on the Voice. She talks about how she felt being eliminated from the Voice.


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The Voice season 12 just announced the top 12 contestants after a hard fought battle on Monday and Tuesday. But who were the best of the best this season? We take the the best of the best make a top 5 list in this week’s “Best of the Voice”.

The Best of the Voice: Top 12 LIVE!
#5 – Lauren Duski “Someone Else’s Star”

Lauren is showing that she is listening to her coach. This is a song chosen by Blake Shelton. Duski has done this for a while and trusting Blake `100% on choosing her songs is huge.

#4- Chris Blue “Love On The Brain”

Chris Blue took an extremely popular song by Rhianna and made it his own. He showcased a solid falsetto and made this hit sound like it was written for him. Chris also showed that he might be a dark horse contestant that is going to fight hard to win The Voice.

#3- Vanessa Ferguson “Lean On”

Vanessa Ferguson is one of the contestants to keep an eye on. She’s extremely talented and she showcased that she can take on a challenge. “Lean On” was one of the anthems of 2016 CHR radio and she killed it.

#2 – Aliyah Moulden “Mercy”

15-year-old Aliyah Moulden took this iconic song by Duffy and made it youthful and fun. Moulden really made it clear that she’s here to win the entire competition. Moulden also made it clear that she wants to be a big name in the music business and if she is used properly, she can be a breakout star the show has lacked from day one.

#1 – Stephanie Rice “Every Breath You Take

Stephanie Rice is one of the more inspirational performers on this season. She’s got an amazing story and she has some killer talent behind it. She took this popular Police song and made it original. Rice shows that she has the chops to sing a song incredibly well and can write her own music.

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With just over two years since Sting had his one and only match at WrestleMania, many fans have been unhappy about Triple H winning the match. In October 2015, we brought Sting to the UK and in Glasgow we asked him about the match and how he felt about it.

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E! Network announces that their hit scripted The Arrangement is being picked up for a second season.



Drama Series Hails from Universal Cable Productions


Los Angeles, CA, April 13, 2017 – E! Entertainment has greenlit a second season of its latest original scripted series “The Arrangement.” From Universal Cable Productions and Emmy Award-Winning writer/EP Jonathan Abrahams (“Mad Men”), the series debuted Sunday, March 5 at 10pm ET/PT. Starring Josh Henderson (“Dallas”), Christine Evangelista (“The Walking Dead”), Lexa Doig (“Continuum”) and Michael Vartan (“Alias”), this multi-layered, sophisticated Hollywood love story brings to life the darker side of fame. Season two will consist of 10, one-hour episodes.


“As E!’s second successful foray into scripted, we are thrilled to see the show resonate with viewers and gain momentum throughout the season. Continuing to fuel our audience’s passion for pop culture and celebrity, ‘The Arrangement’ allows us to reveal a darker side of Hollywood that has never been seen before,” said Adam Stotsky, President, E! Entertainment and Esquire Network. “Alongside our partners at Universal Cable Productions, we’re excited to watch this intriguingly unpredictable story continue to unfold in a second season.”


“’The Arrangement’ has won an audience by providing a guilty pleasure with a dash of topicality,” said Jeff Wachtel, President, Chief Content Officer, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment. “Jonathan, Josh, Christine, Michael, Lexa and the rest of the team have created the perfect cocktail of fairytale love story with a dark twist!”


Season to-date, “The Arrangement” is averaging 1.3 million total viewers and 725,000 P18-49, according to Nielsen L+3 data and continues to rank as the 2nd biggest scripted cable drama launch with young women (W18-34) for 2017. Resonating with women ranking among the Top 5 Primetime original programs each week for Sunday with W18-34 and W18-49, “The Arrangement” builds on the success of E!’s first original scripted series, “The Royals,” which was recently picked up for a fourth season.


Tune-in to an all-new episode this Sunday, April 16 at 10pm ET/PT as secrets are revealed when Kyle (Henderson) accompanies Megan (Evangelista) on a trip back to her hometown to officiate her best friend’s wedding. Terence (Vartan) goes on a journey of self-reflection after trying to save the Institute from a possible scandal that leads to an intense confrontation. As things get steamy with DeAnn (Doig), she finds herself inspired to take more risks with her life. “The Arrangement” season one will conclude with the finale airing Sunday, May 7 at 10pm ET/PT.


For an exclusive video from Josh Henderson and Christine Evangelista about the season two announcement, follow the show’s Instagram @the_arrangement 


Produced by Universal Cable Productions, “The Arrangement” was written by Jonathan Abrahams (“Mad Men”), who serves as Executive Producer on the series. Jimmy Fox of Main Event Media, Layla Smith and Gregory Lipstone of All3Media America also serve as Executive Producers.


Source: Nielsen ratings, Premieres only, Live + 3 (3/5/17-3/26/17); W18-34 claim based on series premieres across all cable (12/26/16 thru 3/26/17); Sunday Primetime (8p-11p) rank based on all cable

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